Proposed Lidl Store and Public House Development

Land off Ferriby Road, Barton-upon-Humber

A New Lidl Store

A state of the art new Lidl store is proposed as part of the scheme and would provide a spacious and attractive shopping environment for residents of Barton-upon-Humber, in a highly accessible location.

The specific proposals for the store include:


  • A new 2, 125 sqm (gross) / 1,324 (net sales) store;
  • 154 car parking spaces, including 8 disabled spaces and 8 parent & child spaces;
  • A new vehicular access from the A15 roundabout and a new left-in / left-out access off Ferriby Road;
  • Pedestrian connectivity to key residential areas; and
  • Hard and soft landscaping designed to soften the appearance of the new store.


The proposed store will be developed in line with Lidl’s latest format requirements and be of a contemporary and high quality design.




Retail Context


A full retail impact assessment of the proposals has been undertaken, demonstrating that neither the proposed foodstore, nor the proposed public house would result in any significant adverse impact upon the vitality and viability of existing centres, including Barton Town Centre, or upon existing and future planned investment in such centres.


Significantly, the assessment demonstrates that the new Lidl store would enhance the range of foodstore provision for residents of Barton, providing effective competition for Tesco.  Similarly, the proposed public house/ restaurant would help enhance the range of food and drink facilities in Barton, in particular, those which cater for families.


The Existing Lidl Store

The new Lidl store at Ferriby Road would replace the existing store at High Street, in Barton Town Centre. The existing Lidl store no longer meets the customer or operational requirements of Lidl because:


  • the store is under-sized compared with newer Lidl stores elsewhere (such as the Lidl store in Brigg);

  • the car park is too small to meet current and future customer demand;

  • access into the site is difficult, for both customers and service vehicles; and

  •  its location away from main vehicular routes makes it difficult to pick up passing trade, which is an essential part of the company’s business model.


It is not possible to expand the store and car park on Lidl’s existing site, as it is heavily constrained by surrounding buildings and highways. It is also located within a conservation area and in close proximity to a number of listed buildings, which impact upon the physical form of development achievable on the site.


Whilst the existing store does not form part of these proposals, it is envisaged that a separate planning application will be submitted relating to the sub-division of the existing store which will enable it to be re-occupied by new convenience and / or comparison retail operators. These new uses will help to broaden the existing range of uses and maintain the vitality and viability of Barton Town Centre, generating linked trips with existing facilities. Subject to Council purchase, the existing Lidl store car park will be retained for public use and operated by North Lincolnshire Council.


Proposed Lidl Store and Public House Development

Land off Ferriby Road, Barton-upon-Humber

Proposed Lidl Store and Public House Development

Land off Ferriby Road, Barton-upon-Humber